“King Ron Playing for Change” Tournament

The P4C tournament is a one day event held in Brooklyn, NY that captures the attention of youth in the community by bringing together the enjoyment of sports and live entertainment. Held annually in August, the event is centered around a basketball tournament in which teams from the 5 boroughs of NYC participate. In addition to basketball, there’s a pee-wee golf clinic, relay races, double-dutch tournament and several entertainers and speakers on site whose goal is to promote messages of non-violence and education. There’s also community involvement as several schools, businesses and community organizations are present to offer services that will help enrich the lives of all attendees.

“Out of the Hood” Project

The “Out of the HOOD” Project enables participants to experience career & cultural diversity. Through reading, research and excursions to cultural diverse areas and unknown careers youth see things outside of their daily surroundings. This assists them in having a greater outlook on why some people do what they do and how things come into fruition. New York is the meting pot for everything; not just cultures but many items are produced here or in surrounding states.

Value Life Peace March

Inaugurated on August 7th, 2009, the Value Life Peace March brought together NAC and various community-based organizations with one purpose in mind: to pay homage to the deaths of loved ones who were violently killed before their time. Treading through the streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, the march demonstrated to neighborhood residents that life is to be valued and not taken away by another human being.

Heal, Recover and Grow - “It is not enough to just heal….”

This program provides therapeutic support for loved ones to help them create legacies in their loved ones memories and assist them in good grief. Peer support sessions sharing stories, triumphs and standstills have restored and given strength to families for their new journey. These sessions give voice to those silenced because of the stigma of being a murdered African American Male. The strength and knowledge they receive makes them relevant to saving the future of our families. Through NAC’s partnership with the NYPD Ceasefire initiative, families are given the opportunity to speak to known shooters of gangs and crews about their decisions and the consequences that those on the other side of their crimes endure for the rest of their lives.


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